Our mission is to enhance and embrace the true spirit of pickleball by offering fun, unique, and high quality pickleball themed items.

Our Values

Our values center around four main themes (4L):

  • Loving what you do
  • Living the life you are intended to
  • Laughing often
  • Learning in all things

The 4L logo serves a dual purpose:  one  it represents the four themes of love, live, laugh, and learn, and two it represents “for life.”


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About Us

Pickleball, the sport that miraculously became everyone’s obsession during the pandemic.  It was as if the world collectively decided, “Hey, let’s take tennis, shrink the court, and add some comically oversized paddles!”  And just like that, pickleball fever spread like wildfire.  People who couldn’t tell a forehand from a fork suddenly turned into pickleball pros, fiercely battling it out in their backyards or makeshift courts.

I was one of the converts who started playing pickleball during the pandemic and I immediately embraced it.  As a lifelong tennis player, the initial transition wasn’t too tough, but I quickly learned that learning the basic rules of the game and mastering some of the finer aspects of the game were two completely different things.  However, the one aspect of pickleball that caught me by surprise was how much fun the game really was.  It took me back to my childhood where I would just play all day long until the sun went down, and more than a few times I completely missed dinner, which definitely didn’t make my parents happy.

Pickleball encompasses all the wonderful qualities of pure unadulterated play.  Play is good for the soul.  It keeps us young, healthy, and connected.  We were sorely missing that these last few years, but now I believe we are getting back on track, and pickleball has been a wonderful catalyst.  Pickleball for Life!

About Us

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